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DorothyTV (Samsung Smart TV)

DorothyTV is optimized for the smart TV. You can create the Dorothy character. And play together whith your friends! Play in your Android, iOS device.(Phone, tablet) Will continue to add beautifil character of DorothyTV. A DorothyTV is the style contents provided in the Smart Phone to decorate with the Samsung Smart TV. By using the various style items, make the beautiful Dorothys and decorate. You have challenge best DorothyTV stylist. You can enjoy together in the Samsung Smart TV. You will become the best coordinator now.

22nd Oct 2013

Animal 21 Number King (Samsung Smart TV)

Animal 21 Number King Trial is fully optimized for a Smart TV. The rule is simple. But it’s very fun and easy to learn arithmetic. Number King is a arithmetic game. Challenge Number King!

22nd Oct 2013

PangPang TV – 2013 스마트TV 앱 및 주변기기 공모전 우수상 수상!

PangPang TV 가 2013년 스마트TV 앱 및 주변기기 공모전 우수상 수상이 확정되었습니다. 현재 삼성전자 스마트 TV 에 검증 진행 중입니다.  성원에 감사드립니다. 실행 데모 영상 보기  

22nd Oct 2013

PangPang TV (Samsung Smart TV, Android Phone)

'PangPang TV' is fully optimized for Samsung Smart TV. The rule is simple. Move Hero & Get Point, Item. Download supprt android market‘PangPangTV’ or ‘PanPangTV Lite’. Wi-Fi & smart phone need to play. Challenge ‘PanPangTV’!

22nd Oct 2013

One Shoot TV Training(Samsung Smart TV, Android Phone)

'One Shoot TV Sniper Training' is fully optimized for Smart TV. The rule is simple. Find target & shoot bullet. Download support android market 'One Shoot TV Sniper Training'. Wi-Fi & Smart phone need to play. Challenge 'One Shoot TV Sniper Training'!

Animal 21 Match Up (Android Phone)

Animal 21 Match Up is fully optimized for a Smart Phone, Samsung Smart TV,LG Smart TV. The rule is simple, but it’s great fun and easy to learn. It is a memory match game. Challenge your concentration and sharpen your memory with adorable characters. Tab to flip tow cards. Match a pair and they disappear. But flip quickly the clock is ticking.

Animal 21 Ani Color(Android Phone)

'Ani Color' is Animation Coloring Apps! It invites kids to Animation Coloring. Simply the best coloring app for kids. (and adults too!) Color & Pattern, Animation Color is a complete artistic solution for Android Phone. 'Ani Color' is continually updated. ***** APP FEATURES ****** * 24 cute character and 50 cuts pattern, 30 cuts animation pattern, 50 cuts color by our professional art department. * Save coloring Gallery and Undo, Reset. * Finger fill color, pattern, animation pattern.

29th Jan 2013

Shoot King (Samsung Smart TV, Android Phone)

Shoot King’ is fully optimized for a Smart TV. The rule is simple. Shoot bow and get point. Shoot King’ support 1 player, challenge, 2 player game mode. Download support Android market Shoot King WiFi’ & ‘Shoot King WiFi Lite’. Wi-Fi & Smart Phones need to play ‘Shoot King’. Challenge ‘Shoot King’!

29th Jan 2013

Animal 21 Ani Hood (Samsung, LG Smart TV)

Animal 21 Ani Hood is fully optimized for a Smart TV. The rule is simple, but it's greate fun and easy to learn. Ani Hood is a shoot arrows game. Challenge best Ani Hood.

29th Jan 2013
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Style TV (Smart TV, Android Phone)

Style TV is the street fashion community applications. Style TV is a free application. Your sense of fashion share with everyone. android and Smart TV can be enjoyed on Style TV. Android apps download from the following address.